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Offering:   Website Design and Development
May 12, 2010

Price/Rate   n/a

Reason?   Website Design and Development Offered

Today's businesses are being found and promoted on the Internet. To stay competitive, small businesses need to have some type of Internet presence. But good Website design is more than making a web page look pretty. A well-designed, content and information rich Website will benefit any business. Your small business Website design should look professional and reflect quality. The best Web designs are user friendly, take advantage of interactive navigation and are built with modern, validated HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheets). This reduce confusion and clutter while helping guide visitors through the Website. I have knowledge and technology and experience to help you build a strong brand for your company. We will also design your logo, upon request. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you: * find weak or problems areas in your Web site, * offer Website visitors a pleasant experience, * build a content rich, search engine friendly Website, * build a site that once found, is easy to use, * build a site that takes advantage of the latest information on Web usability and creates a user-friendly interface, * build a site that is easy to use and looks professional, * build a site that makes good use of color, typography and images, * build a site that is not confusing to users or to search engines. * build a site that is found more quickly and indexed more fully, Done at a very competitive price, correctly while making you happy with he results. Don't delay; contact today......purdydd@msn.com

Location:   Nova Scotia
Name:   Website Design and Development
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