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This is our home..
Steeped in history, culture and talent, Pictou County has plenty to offer those who might make the voyage, and to local residents just the same.

The birthplace of Nova Scotia, the new Scotland, we are deeply rooted in Scottish history & tradition, with some great foods and welcoming, friendly personalities, that proudly share with all those who come upon us.

As our site grows, we hope to impress all this upon you and we hope to see you visiting soon to take in all that we have to offer. Consider this your starting point, and indeed, a place to return to time and time again!
So what is this site about?
PictouCounty.ca is aimed towards being for the people of our community, rather than simply being another statistical information website, like so many others out there.

We are looking to gear this website towards being as much a social outlet, as it will be an information resource. Allowing visitors to dive into a vast resource of content on our culture, our history, what we have to offer, as well as allowing them to interact with us.

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If you have any questions, concerns, comments or need assistance, please visit our Contact Page, by clicking here.

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