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How to reach us..
General Inquiries: info@pictoucounty.ca
Sales & Advertising: advertising@pictoucounty.ca
Billing & Accounting: accounting@pictoucounty.ca
Technical Support & Bug Reports: support@pictoucounty.ca
Member Support: users@pictoucounty.ca

Send us Photos!

We appreciate any photos you can send us of our beloved county!

For each photo you send, please provide us with these details:

  • Your name
  • Photographer (if not you)
  • Copyright owner (if not you & if you know)
  • Date & time the photo was taken
  • Photo Description (if any - preferrable!)
  • Photo Details (if any - such as camera used, etc)
  • Permission to use in our designs (such as on the website, or in ads, flyers, brochures, etc): Yes, No or Limited (describe where/how we may use the photo)

* Please keep in mind that any photos sent may be posted on our website, although we reserve the right to reject any entries.

Phone Support
If you need to reach us by telephone, you may contact us
by calling our office @ 1-902-755-2112

* Please be sure to let us know you are contacting us regarding our website!

Send us a quick email!
We welcome your comments, concerns, suggestions and yes, even complaints. Your responses will help us improve, expand and gear this site towards the needs of, this, our community & home.

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